Risk and Emergency Management Leadership Development (REMLD)

Learning objectives:

  • Explain the foundation of Risk, Emergency and Disaster Management in Saudi Arabia and its legal and structure framework.
  • Summarise Risk, Hazards, Threats, Disasters, and Emergencies definitions, roles and responsibilities.
  • Discuss the integrated Emergency Management Concept and its relevance to Private Sector.
  • Identify the resilience cycle concepts and applications in Private Sector.
  • Apply risk assessment concepts, methods and procedures in the context of Disaster and emergency Management.
  • Explain preparedness process through emergency planning, business continuity and exercise & drills.
  • Summarise disaster response capabilities and capacity
  • Understand Emergency Operation Centres (EOC) model and guidelines.


Course agenda:

  • Day 1

Session 1: History and current Risk, Emergency and Disaster Management in Saudi Arabia

Session 2: Introduction to the Resilience cycle

  • Day 2

Session 3: Integrated Risk and Emergency Management

Session 4: Risk Assessment methodology

  • Day 3

Session 5: Emergency Planning

Session 6: Exercise and Drill

  • Day 4

Session 7: Business Continuity/Service Continuity

Session 8: Disaster response and EOC

  • Day 5

Table Top Exercise