Proficient Team Leader (PLT)

Professional Certificate (CPD-UK)

26 – 28 May 2022


In person                           9 am – 2 pm                           5 hrs/daily                           4500 SAR

What differentiates effective team leaders?

How to inspire and motivate your team towards achieving desired goals?

Learn proven tips and techniques used by consultants of 100 companies to develop professionals capable of leading high-performing teams in organizations worldwide.


Learning Objectives:

  1. How to manage good and bad performance
  2. How to build high-performing teams
  3. How to motivate people to work and achieve results
  4. How to resolve conflict
  5. How to set goals and how to track them using KPIs
  6. How to delegate work effectively
  7. How to manage your projects
  8. How to organize and prioritize tasks
  9. How to manage stress
  10. How to deal with different personalities
  11. How to deal with difficult people at work